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What Is AmazonSmile, And How Can I Make It Work For My Nonprofit Organization?

AmazonSmile is a program that allows charitable organizations to receive donations when customers shop at or the Amazon Shopping app on iOS or Android

March 2022 – Product Update Via Google Blog

Prepare for the future with Google Analytics 4 Google Analytics 4 is our modern solution for supporting businesses across platforms while prioritizing user privacy. We will begin

February 2022 – Product Update via Google Blog

PRODUCT & FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS Understand Your Customers and Get Stronger Marketing Results As 2022 kicks off, it’s a good time to review your digital marketing

Meet your marketing objectives with the new Google Analytics via (Google Blog)

A year ago, Google introduced the new Google Analytics to help you meet the challenges of an evolving measurement landscape and get better ROI from your marketing

Start planning 2022 via Pinterest

2022 has arrived and it is going to be spectacular! In order to help you with guiding your clients about key moments in 2022, the

Google Analytics: Every Marketer’s Essential Toolkit via CYGNUS

Data really is the most useful component of digital marketing. Without data, we have nothing to measure our budget, our campaigns, or even our marketing

What to know about Google Ads conversion measurement?

Conversion measurement is essential for understanding how people are interacting with your ads. It helps you gather insights and make key optimization decisions. Together, observed

Bring performance and privacy together with Server-Side Tagging

It’s important for businesses to have the insights they need to drive more conversions on their websites. But rising expectations and regulations around user privacy

An update to dislikes on YouTube (via Youtube official blog)

The dislike count will be private across YouTube, but the dislike button will remain. We’re making the dislike counts private across YouTube, but the dislike

Podcast ads are available in Spotify Ad Studio now

Turn podcast listeners into your customers. Use our self-serve tools to connect with engaged listeners, scale your reach, and grow your business with podcast ads,

The future of attribution is data-driven.

Data-driven attribution is set to become the default attribution model for all new Google Ads conversion actions. In the face of a changing privacy landscape,

Why Facebook changed its name! via Quartz

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Thurs. (Oct. 28) that Facebook is changing its name. What was formerly known as Facebook Inc., the parent company

YouTube Shorts: a fun, new way to create! (Via Youtube)

Introducing the shorter side of YouTube Now you can create, edit, and share short videos on YouTube Shorts. All you need is a phone, your

TikTok Update: Wondering how to use TikTok transitions?

We’ve said it before, but TikTok runs on creativity. Creators and businesses are constantly exploring how different transitions and effects can be used to make

How can businesses leverage creator collaborations on TikTok?

How creator collaborations can spark online shopping sprees It happens every day on TikTok: new trends go viral, products sell out, and unknown brands become

6 Main Sources Of Traffic Website Owners Could Receive

When people visit websites, they do so to learn more about a company, its products/services and sign up to receive emails. Visitors may use the

Maximize ad conversions with smart audiences

Find the best audience for your ads A Smart List is an audience that Google Analytics creates for you automatically. Using advanced machine learning, Analytics

Top Digital Marketing Statistics 2021 (Via

If you’ve been on the prowl to learn more about digital marketing statistics 2021, you’ve come to the right place. Since digital marketing is constantly

What’s new from Google in March

PRODUCT & FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS 1. Identify Unwanted Referrals in Google Analytics 4 Analytics automatically recognizes where traffic was immediately before arriving on your site, and displays

Why Use Print Advertising?

When a customer reads a printed material, they are more engaged for a longer period of time. MEMORABLE Websites are often skimmed in as little

Why Go Social?

What’s the value of a social media presence?… Learn the importance of New customers, customer engagement, and the reach pf Social Media.

Search Engine Marketing

93% of online experiences start with a search engine. Search Engine Marketing with The Spot Marketing puts your message in front of “ready to buy”

Why Use Outdoor Advertising?

Out-Of-Home advertising builds frequency & repetition, ensuring brand messages are top of mind when consumers are in the market for a product or service. Outdoor

Why Use Print Advertising?

When a customer reads a printed material, they are more engaged for a longer period of time. MEMORABLE Websites are often skimmed in as little

10 Reasons to Advertise on Radio

Research proves that radio regurlarly reaches consumers within 2 hours of their largest purchase of the day. Here are 10 reasons to choose this time-tested

5 Reasons to Advertise on Television

5 Reasons to Advertise on Television 1. STRONGEST IMPACT No other medium has the longevity and power to influence than television. More people learn about

Lessons in Inevitability

The other day we were taking a tour of the Nielsen’s Tampa Bay facilities to see how they worked and get a look at their

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