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How can businesses leverage creator collaborations on TikTok?

How can businesses leverage creator collaborations on TikTok?

How creator collaborations can spark online shopping sprees

It happens every day on TikTok: new trends go viral, products sell out, and unknown brands become overnight sensations. A single video can ignite a shopping spree that blazes across the planet. To fan the flames, businesses of all sizes are turning to TikTok creators to collaborate. Partnerships with TikTok creators are more targeted, more cost-effective, and more authentic than traditional influencer marketing—and they’re changing the game for brands big and small.

Our lives are oversaturated with ads; most people see between 6,000 and 10,000 commercial messages every single day. With such an onslaught, it’s easy to see why 50% of internet users use ad blockers.

Another mounting issue: distrust. Consumer trust levels in ads are now down to 37%. So how do you cut through the noise with a message that creates confidence instead of skepticism? What do consumers want? 

Read our latest blog to get to know how two businesses are effectively using the TikTok Creator Marketplace to collaborate with the right creators based on their target market and as a result gaining engagement with a global community. 

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